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Throughout history, humans have entered into a relationship with other living things around them. Especially with the transition to the settled life order, the relations between people gained speed and started to progress. With the Law of Contracts, it is planned to regulate the relations between people with settled life and to solve the problems by providing legal control. As Taflan Law Firm, we offer consultancy on Contracts Law and contracts.

While many people often think of debt-bearing contracts when they hear the word “contract,” the concept of contract is not just about debt-inducing matters. As employees of Taflan Law and Consultancy Office, we closely follow current regulations and help you find the most appropriate solution for your problems.

Agreements between two or more persons, which are stated to be bound by certain conditions and supported by law, are called "Contracts". Contracts concluded with appropriate declarations of intent to the parties do not always have to be concluded in a certain way. However, the execution of certain types of contracts is specified in the law. As an example of contracts that must be concluded under certain conditions; It is obligatory to make an official contract of sale of an immovable property. Making the contracts in writing makes it easier to prove the contract in case of any dispute. As Taflan Law, by examining the company's articles of association, amendments to the articles of association, all employment contracts, advertising contracts, all purchase and sale contracts, construction contracts, lease contracts and all other contracts prepared by the parties, it determines the issues that may cause an unfair result to our clients' detriment, As Taflan Law, we offer consultancy services to our corporate or individual customers during the preparation process.

With Att. Muhammet Yasir Taflan and his team that consists of experts in various legal fields in cooperation with many law offices in different countries; Taflan Law provides you with legal consultancy and litigation services.