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Taflan offers its clients a wide range of services including mergers and acquisitions, corporate and commercial law, e-commerce and IT law, competition law, labor law, real estate law and litigation. We deliver legal service to our clients who are planning to start commercial operations or who are already present in Turkey.

Taflan Laws provides services in Turkish and English.with establishment of a company, general assemblies, drawing up and amending of company articles of association, share transfers, inter-company management contracts, cancellation of general assembly resolutions, preparation of preliminary examinations and legal infrastructures, obtaining necessary administrative permissions, litigation and executing proceedings arising from bills of exchange such as check, promissory note and draft based on law of commercial papers, settlement of stock market and capital market disputes, drawing up contracts of current account, rent, purchase-sale, credit, dealership and litigation and execution proceedings arising from these contracts.

With Att. Muhammet Yasir Taflan and his team that consists of experts in various legal fields in cooperation with many law offices in different countries; Taflan Law provides you with legal consultancy and litigation services.