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Taflan Hukuk;

Taflan Law Firm provides you legal consultancy and advocacy services with Atty. Muhammet Yasir Taflan, his expert staff in various legal fields, and many law firms that it cooperates with from different countries.

Founded by Muhammet Yasir Taflan in Istanbul in 2014, Taflan Law Firm has become one of Turkey's respected law firms with its stable development since the day it was founded. Today, Taflan, which provides legal services in a wide scope, has been organized by dividing into specialized departments according to their fields of work in order to reach solutions in the most efficient way.
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With Att. Muhammet Yasir Taflan and his team that consists of experts in various legal fields in cooperation with many law offices in different countries; Taflan Law provides you with legal consultancy and litigation services.